Monday, July 7, 2008

Sorry :(

I have totally been MIA and I appreciate those who still blog-stalk even my blog!

Things are going so well in my life! I closed on my house on May 30 so of course that has been the main cause for my absence. Despite endless little problems that arise and a short period of buyer's remorse, I'm so happy to be in my house. It's coming together quicker than I expected, and there are only a few tubs still lying around waiting to be emptied. My parents bought me a washer and dryer as a housewarming gift and they will be installed on Saturday. Being able to do laundry there will make me feel completely moved in.

I am wrapping up the summer semester of my program. It has been hell, let me tell you. They fit 2 of the most boring classes (plus one great reading class) into the shortest term in the year. The workload is insane due to the shortened time frame and one of the classes being online. My classmates and I are struggling through, however, and I am still managing to carry through with A's. But I have 5 major assignments due before the end of this week (the last week!) so I can almost guarantee you that my borderline A's will become high B's and I'm already working on accepting that :)

I've also been spending my somewhat limited free time with a pretty awesome person. That's all I'll say. :p


The Smith Family said...

what the... "pretty awesome person"????????? Uh, please, do tell! Oh... and awesome about the "A"s. I'm so proud of you! lol. Keep it up!

What's my name again? said...

I wish I could the say the pretty awesome person was me, but I will settle for just pretty :)