Monday, January 26, 2009

merrily rolling along.

I went through processing at the school district today. it was daunting and nerve-wracking, but 2.5 hours later, I was officially given the green light to start teaching AND get paid. putting those two factors together is a foreign and awesome concept for me.

wrapping things up at the sierra club is tough. it feels weird to be packing up shop after 2 years of hard work and great friendships. olivia and i are moping around being sad but also promising to stay friends. mary is totally going to miss me but she is showing it through frustration and taking it out on me. it makes me love her more. no one could ask for better bosses.

i have been somewhat maniacally gathering little goodies for my students. i already bought them the coolest valentines ever (2 words: Fun Dip). i just cannot wait to meet them!!!

there aren't words to explain what is happening in my heart and in my life right now. i am fighting for all of the things that are most important to me -- and i am winning. i am so blessed with a healthy brain and a strong heart, an incredible family and inspiring friendships, and last but not least hilarious and loving pets that remind me to let go and laugh at least 47 times a day. lucky, lucky me. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A letter to my first graders

Dear boys and girls,
You don't know me yet, but my name is Miss Pea and in two weeks I am going to be your first grade teacher. Even though I am not your first teacher -- heck, I'm not even your first FIRST grade teacher -- you are my First Students. This is a big deal in my world, and not something I take lightly. I am scared, much like you all may have been one year ago upon entering your first day of kindergarten. What a RESPONSIBILITY you undertook, and I will undertake. But I am so excited and happy to become a part of your world, and I have full faith that my placement as your teacher has a great purpose.

I love you all already. I will be there for you, making school fun and fascinating. I will be there to confide in, to comfort, to reassure on days when all seems to go wrong. I will be fair and equal, open and honest. I will keep you safe and secure while you are in my classroom, and I will instill in you the importance (and the rewards) of being a responsible citizen, in the classroom community and beyond. Be equally assured that we will sing and dance and be goofy on many occasions, all the while accomplishing our main mission of Learning.

My job may be the easy one. You will have to work harder than ever before. You will learn to read and to be a friend. You will learn to add and to work cooperatively. You will learn the parts of a flower and how to embrace diversity. You will learn the pledge of allegiance and how to use your indoor voices. You will be part of a family full of unique individuals who have come together to achieve common goals, both academically and socially. You will be part of a classroom democracy in which you will be given the right to help make the rules, but you will also be solely responsible for upholding them for yourself. You will work hard, it's true. But you will succeed and you will have had a great time along the way.

Above all, we must remember that no one is perfect and mistakes will be made. Someone wise told me that "Every mistake is a rebirth", and what that should mean to you is that mistakes teach us valuable lessons, if we are willing to forgive ourselves quickly enough. So when it happens, remember to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try try again. (Did I mention I will help you up and assist in the dusting if you need me? Just checkin'.)

I know that we will be a great team. You can help me from the very start by reminding me that, just as you got through that first day of kindergarten -- just breathe Miss Pea -- so will I get through my First Day. And the rest is a breeze so long as we all remember why we are here and what we are capable of, each and every one of you, and myself.

Your teacher Miss Pea.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introducing Miss Pea

I got a teaching job!!!!!!!

It isn't the one I last mentioned, which occurred on the same day as my wisdom teeth extraction. It is actually the one I interviewed for before THANKSGIVING, that I wanted so badly and was so disappointed to have never heard back about. God works in mysterious ways, and after two months of hearing nothing, the principal of the school called on the very day of this other interview, during my surgery. Since then, I have gone through two more interviews and was offered a teaching position on Sunday!

I will be teaching first grade which is my absolute dream! I don't want to give any specific info about the school here, but it is a mile from my house which is just another HUGE bonus. I start February 2nd and I cannot WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I am having the slowest recovery ever from my wisdom tooth surgery. I am STILL in pain almost two weeks later. But it is getting somewhat better and the doctor says it is healing up nicely so I am grateful for that.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have another interview on Friday: 5th grade at a school a couple miles from my parents' house.

3 hours after my interview time, I will be getting all of my wisdom teeth extracted :(

Please pray for me!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


So graduation was so awesome. The process was boring and similar to all other graduations, but I loved that Jessica and I were the only two people in the entire place who went through our program. I loved that my entire family was there to cheer me on for the first time in all of my graduations. I loved that Lisa and Camica drove all the way to Indian Rocks to pick me out in a crowd before heading out again. I loved what it all meant symbolically. I am totally, officially, enthusiastically, and preparedly a teacher.

Gettin ready

Brov: Official Stuff Holder

Me and my bro in law

Me and Daddy

Did we almost get thrown out for being rowdy?

The two grads

Camica, me, Lisa

My Sweet Fam

Moma and Daddy

Me and Jessica, Teacher Supremes