Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introducing Miss Pea

I got a teaching job!!!!!!!

It isn't the one I last mentioned, which occurred on the same day as my wisdom teeth extraction. It is actually the one I interviewed for before THANKSGIVING, that I wanted so badly and was so disappointed to have never heard back about. God works in mysterious ways, and after two months of hearing nothing, the principal of the school called on the very day of this other interview, during my surgery. Since then, I have gone through two more interviews and was offered a teaching position on Sunday!

I will be teaching first grade which is my absolute dream! I don't want to give any specific info about the school here, but it is a mile from my house which is just another HUGE bonus. I start February 2nd and I cannot WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I am having the slowest recovery ever from my wisdom tooth surgery. I am STILL in pain almost two weeks later. But it is getting somewhat better and the doctor says it is healing up nicely so I am grateful for that.

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Michael said...

Congrats, lover!!