Thursday, August 28, 2008

1-minute awesome update

1. Long story short, I go to school in a different county than where I live. As a result, the college places students at elementary schools in THAT county for student teaching. Well they told me before I began the program that I would be placed in MY county. This was a big ol' lie. For the last two semesters, I have been in the college's county. It is very important for me to student-teach in my own county so that I can get a feel for the policy there and also begin networking so that I can get a teaching job as soon as possible. So after 6 months of harrassment, I made it happen! The college has found a school in my county willing to take me, and a supervisor from the college willing to drive out there to supervise me. This is a huge deal and I am very excited and proud of myself for not giving this up.

2. My new roommate is fabulous! She is so nice and easygoing. We have spent every night just talking and getting to know eachother. On the first night, Jacob was there; the second night my friend Lisa was there, and last night it was just the two of us. It was fun all nights, and I'm so glad she gets along so well with my friends! But the best news of all is that after 3 nights, she is officially attached to Angus! She has agreed to adopt him, meaning that he'll be living with me and her for now, but when she moves out he goes too! I can't think of a better ending to Angus's little saga. I get more time with him but someone else is actually responsible for him. He gets a great home with a sweet mom and a sweet puggly sister. And I am not committed to yet another animal for an additional 16 years!

3. I am giving blood today. I love when this day comes around. It makes me feel like a part of something to contribute what I can. Since I don't have a whole lot of time to volunteer, bodily fluids will have to do for now! Not to mention they give me snacks, coupons for free pie from Village Inn, and Walmart gift cards! :)

4. Tomorrow begins the holiday weekend and my girlfriends are coming to town! Ok I did just see Katie and Maggie in Baltimore but I could never get enough of their beautiful faces. Maggie will get in tomorrow evening and we're going to the Rays game. Then Katie gets in at midnight. I think on Saturday we'll walk around Centro Ybor and then head to Indian Rocks Beach for the sunset and a visit to Mickey Quinn's Irish pub. On Sunday, weather permitting (please help pray to keep the hurricanes off of me!), Jacob is taking me and the girls to Busch Gardens -- turns out he gets 4 free tickets a year for being in the Air Force and he is such a sweet boy to use them for me and my friends.

I will plan on actually posting pictures of all my adventures soon!

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