Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brief update

Ok I will NOT be late for work again today. But I needed to post to say that Life is Good. Awesome, really. It is probably 75 degrees outside today, and while the "cold front" will only last through the weekend, it is quite a blessing. I spent the morning on the patio sipping hazelnut coffee and nibbling on homemade honey-butter crescent rolls while reading Don Miguel Ruiz. Something feels full-circle about this morning and I love it.

I have an interview for a kindergarten position on Friday morning and I feel that a) this is my last opportunity for a teaching job this school year, and b) this is my job. I really feel it.

I have lots of pictures uploaded on my computer and ready to post, so get ready! To come: a post about my newest family members (of 6 months now, yes I am a total cyber-slacker), my trip to Charleston/Raleigh, and my sweet babies I am nannying for.

Much love,

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about your great news! Hope to see you soon!