Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

This was an all-around perfect weekend. The weather was beautiful -- we woke up to rain on Friday morning which helped with sleeping in on my last lazy weekday for a while. The rains were followed by wonderfully cool weather, clear blue skies, and a strong and lovely wind. We walked into Ybor on Saturday afternoon to see Where the Wild Things Are. This is one of my favorite children's books, and therefore I would normally not be that excited to see the movie because movies based on children's books tend to disappoint me. But something was telling me that I should see this one. And it was definitely one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It is an amazing take on a seemingly simple book, and whoever wrote this screenplay completely *got* this book in the same way I did. It also brought a lot of clarity to some of my biggest questions about life. I know, right?!! So yeah, I recommend it and I highly suggest seeing it! Let me know what you think..

In other news, I took the girls to my new school today, just to let them run around while no one was there, and so that they could see where I would be teaching :). Well, we were able to walk right up to my classroom windows, and I saw a message on the whiteboard: "Welcome Ms. Cook!"...boy did that really get the message home that this is really happening! So after yet another awesome day, I just had a hearty warm meal and am planning on taking a bath and closing my eyes by 9pm. Tomorrow is Day One of the rest of my life as a teacher!!

Much love,



Anonymous said...


Enjoy your "day one" Jacob, Rob Whitney and I went and saw "Where the Wild Things are" and we all loved it. I remember my mom reading it to me and I loved the feeling it brought back to me. Jamie you have to follow my Vinyl lettering blog I have a link on my blogg!

Karen said...

oh bi nee..todd, melissa and i saw the movie as well on sunday night, and we loved it as well. I must say there were a couple parts that I wished had ended differently however I realized shortly after I went home and slept on it that I wanted things to end differently (specifically when Max left the island)because that is what I'm used to expecting from movies. the predictable endings. But I started to love the movie more, the more I realized how true to life it was,which isnt predictable.and in the end, we do need each other terribly.especially family. i feel like i could point out each of my own family members in the characters! And the ending I immediatly the end, I'm so glad I didnt get. And on a side note I was so glad it wasnt bleeding with computer graphics, i hate that so much. it was a masterpiece, and it taught me so much! "A Must See"!

call me after your first day jene..i want to hear alllll about it..BI NEE!! BREAK A LEG!!!

nee smoooosh buh

The Smith Family said...

hey! Thanks for letting me know you want in on the blog.
I need your email address!
Hope everything is going good

I Own The Internet said...

The poster is so awesome it made me smile, I smiled one of those huge smiles were it kinda looks like upside down you would be suicidal, in terms of it being like half a circle. The design is incredable, just like your blog, come say hi sometime on mine :)

ideasinforum said...

I was on the fence about seeing this movie, so glad to hear the good review!

lalchy said...

aww. where the wild things are :)