Wednesday, January 30, 2008

orientation and disorientation

tonight i have my "practicum orientation", where i will find out which school i am student teaching at, and i'll meet my supervisor. i'm so nervous about this whole program, and about being a teacher in general, but the good thing is that so are all of my classmates. we're all really hoping that we will feel much better once we get into the classroom. all i know about my student teaching so far is that i won't be in hillsborough county (tampa, where i live), but i will be in south pinellas county. at this point it doesn't surprise me that the school let me down with that. the professors at st. pete college are great, but the administrative side of it all has so far been nothing short of a nightmare. i've been told by graduating students that i should not expect this to get any better over the year. we've all just got to learn to move past it and focus on succeeding despite the obstacles.

anyway south pinellas includes st. petersburg, where i work. there are really good parts of st. pete, including northeast st. pete, kenwood, and snell isle. however, the majority of st. pete (i.e., south st. pete) is dangerous and rather scary. so i'm really praying today to at least be put somewhere i'm comfortable. i don't necessarily NOT want to be in a "scary school", it might be where i'm meant to be. but i know i'll be placed where i'm meant to be and i'm just really hoping that's in a nicer school :)

the disorientation lies in my phyiscal body. i have been nauseated and have had a headache for almost a week now. no, there is no chance i'm pregnant, and i don't have a flu or something because it doesn't get significantly worse or better over time. my mom is telling me it's stress and all the things i'm involved in and all the big decisions i'm facing in the near future. i'm also praying that i learn to cope with it all and just trust myself, so that i can feel better physically if nothing else! Gabby really epitomizes how I feel here:

if anyone's reading, thank you :) i already feel that this blog was a really good idea.