Thursday, January 31, 2008

prayer works!

it's apparently true!

i got placed in grades k-2 at an elementary school in NORTH st. pete, perfectly halfway between my house and my job. in fact, it's almost sitting directly under a highway exit, which makes it that much more accessible.

i'm not going to name the school since i need to start practicing teacher confidentiality, but let's just say the name would make twisted, perverted middle schoolers (aka all of them) snicker. luckily it's an elementary school and i'm hoping these kids aren't that damaged yet.

i found info on the school from a website called greatschools dot net, which must be a good sign. in standards, it looks like overall they are about at average for the state in meeting grade standards (which doesn't say much, this FL education sucks), but the minorities at the school seem to be well above the average which is a great sign. 68% of students receive free or reduced lunch isn't that crazy?

i can't wait to get in there and hopefully reinforce my confidence, because the night courses certainly aren't doing much.

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