Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The best kitten update yet!

Angus is now named Jack and belongs to a fabulous person named Wanda. Wanda is totally and completely in love and obsessed with Jack! She visits him weekly, grills me on how he is being cared for (in a very friendly way and I love this!), and has even bought food to keep the brood fed. She has been so busy preparing for his homecoming next week, and I continue to try and break away from him and the others emotionally. Can't you see how tough this is going to be???

Pearl, who became Elmer when I realized he was a boy, is now Kimba. His home will be with my dog park friend, Uli, her husband Dave, and their three dogs. Luckily Kimba is well-adjusted to dogs and he will do well with this little family, I'm sure. He is such a sweet boy but also very rambunctious! You can see by this look that he is quite the heart-stealer :)

My sweet little Delilah has finally gotten a home! I couldn't believe no one had expressed interest in her as of last Thursday. She is very unique-looking and has the biggest, roundest eyes. She is also the biggest cuddlebug of the group. I can't sit on the floor without having her in my lap. I would say I would keep her if I could, but I think I'd say that about all of them!! Delilah is going home with a really great guy, my old neighbor Jacob. Jacob lives alone and doesn't have any other pets and I'm sure he'll dote on Delilah! But what if she gets bored when Jacob is at work, you say? She won't be lonely, because guess who is going with her??!!

FLORA!!!! As of last night, Jacob confirmed that he would like to give Flora, the moma cat, a home too. Boy, is he one lucky fella to get these two sweeties! I am so grateful to him and to my other adoptive parents. Thanks to them, I feel totally comfortable and confident letting go of my little fosters.

Lastly, sweet and tiny Juno is the last to need a home! I also feel confident that she will find the perfect home very soon. Juno had some health problems early on. One girl expressed a lot of interest in Juno but never called back once I told her about the FCKS. This is Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome. The main sign of it is literally a flat chest -- you could feel the ribcage flatten, instead of curve. Luckily for me I wasn't able to diagnose it until she was 5 weeks old, because I read that the mortality rate is 50% up to 3 weeks old! The great news is that if they live after that, they are almost guaranteed to live a normal life. She was the runt and was slow to catch up to the others, but she is FINALLY growing, filling out, straying from her mom's nipple and eating solid food, and running around playing like crazy!!! Check out these pictures I took of her last night, she's gonna go quickly now, I know it! And worst case scenario is I have to keep her. :p

(She is on the left in the first photo; Jack is on the right)

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The Smith Family said...

That is SO great Jamie! I'm so glad that all these sweet kittens are finding homes. Juno is SO cute, how could someone NOT want her. I just want to cuddle her, and I'm not usually a cat person! Go figure. Good luck with finding her placement. It sounds and looks like your taking AWESOME care of all of them. What a good momma!