Friday, June 13, 2008


This is nostalgia, blog style. I can't believe how many blogs I've started and stopped. The first one was on Xanga when I was 20. I was inspired to see if it still existed (haven't been there since 2003) and lo and behold there it was! It's insane to read those entries. Although I had forgotten that most of it took place, it flooded back into my mind like I'm still a nanny in DC, waiting to start college in Baltimore. I would likely do it all again, although I like being 25 :)

Monday, July 14, 2003

I love climbing trees. I love singing babies to sleep. I love raspberries. I love smiling when I hang up the phone. I love long hugs from close friends. I love boats. I love the sound of a bee. I love morning hugs from Killian. I love laughing till it hurts. I love eating at Chipotle. I love talking late until I pass out. I love coconut juice. I love making homemade presents. I love singing onstage. I love singing in the car. I love finding things in common with strangers. I love working at ice cream parlors. I love talking into a fan. I love juice bars from the ice cream truck. I love playing video games for hours. I love the smell of wood. I love bouncy balls. I love stepping on Cheerios. I love taking pictures. I love smelling and looking at lilac fields. I love faeries. I love the way my mom says hi when she hears my voice. I love jumping rope. I love Jolly Ranchers. I love listening to my Godmother's sweet voice. I love autumn. I love collecting junk. I love sprinklers. I love making collages. I love hearing people talk about things they've just learned. I love laughing at myself. I love cuddling with Fish. I love listening to Phish. I love when Katie picks her nose. I love hookahs. I love family portraits. I love the smell of baby shampoo. I love my sister's advice. I love opening a new book. I love finishing an old book again. I love chai tea lattes with soy milk. I love brown eyes. I love dark blue eyes. I love long drives on backroads. I love cream cheese icing. I love catchphrases. I love misfits. I love Gogurt. I love porch swings. I love sun dresses. I love the sound of a cello. I love the beach in the early evening. I love when Karen licks my nose. I love having something wonderful to look forward to. I love curling up under blankets in a cold room. I love when my dad tells me he prays for me. I love waking up smiling. I love kisses. I love listening to thunder with someone I love. I love kickball. I love my brother-in-law's laugh. I love grocery shopping at 2am. I love feeling safe. I love feeling loved.


The Smith Family said...

What a great post, I need to do something like that. All the things I love. You are so insightful, and I love reading yoru posts. I hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

I love talking with a smoke filled mouth after inhaling from a hooka.
-I think you know who I am