Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom o' Mine

My mom is obviously pretty great. Anyone who has met her, laughed with her, eaten one of her fabulous meals, or cuddled with her (and yes, some of my friends have) know that she is pretty darn special in many people's lives. My mom and I talk every day, probably for at least an hour when you add up all the calls. I don't know how I would get through it all if I didn't have her to verbalize every thought in my brain. She is so supportive of every decision I make (even the not-so-good ones), and she is equally supportive when I suffer the consequences of my mistakes. She trusts me in everything I do, and she respects me for who I've become. I came to Florida to be near her, and I don't plan on leaving until she does. We have our own language, even though we don't really understand what the other is saying! No matter how old I get, the best way to end a week will still be with a big Mommy-hug.


We had a great day yesterday. Mom said she didn't want us to do anything for Mother's Day, but of course that's silly. Plans were already in the works. She said she wanted to see the kittens so I suggested she come over Sunday afternoon. She invited Ashley but Ashley never returned her call. When mom pulled up to the house, Ashley and I were standing in the driveway with our "I <3 Mom" shirts on (3 years running we've worn these all day on Mother's Day). My mom was totally shocked! She understood why Christopher wasn't there (he has been avoiding the kittens in fear of wanting to take one), so we went on in the house. While she was putting something in my fridge, Christopher comes around the corner and is standing behind the fridge door. When mom stood up, there he was! She screamed so loud, out of both happiness and sheer terror. It was great -- I live for those moments :)

We gave her gifts and took her to Chipotle. Then of course she and Ashley and Chrisopher played with kittens to their hearts content! Kitten update is next!

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