Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Good News Train

"The house thing" should finally be happening!!!! Pending an inspection, which is a big "if" considering this is a foreclosure. It needs minor work but it is adorable and everything works -- electrical, plumbing, appliances... I love this house and can see me and my EIGHT PETS in it. I refuse to post pictures, however, until I have the key in my hand :)

In addition to this happy news, my new babies are doing great. Flora is such an incredible mom. As much as I love and adore all my current and previous pets, I have never had so much respect for an animal as I do for Flora. I can't stop thinking about what she went through all alone on Thursday night. She squeezed all four of those babies out of her, got them breathing, cleaned them, and has been protecting them nonstop ever since. Her crate is now in my bedroom so that she can stay cool and away from the mosquitos. Last night, I slept on the couch so that I could be with the pups and the kitties could have privacy. I woke up in the middle of the night with both girls stretched out alongside me and Fish on my chest. I have the most perfect life.

I have finished all school assignments and only have finals next week which should be a breeze. I will then be one-third of the way to becoming a teacher. It's amazing.

I knew it was all a means to an end, and the blessings of it all are pouring down all around me.

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The Smith Family said...

Ahh, your life sounds really nice right now! It sounds like everything is going really well.
Good luck on all your test and stuff. I'm sure you'll do awesome.
So, this is a stupid question, but isn't Flora going to be so sad to see her little kittens leave? (true mom talking here) That seems so sad. (not that you should take care of them or anything) I just... AH, don't know... Do cats bond like humans? It sounds like it.