Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Update

I had a fun sleepover with my mom and sis at my house on Friday night. We ate muchos nachos and watched Juno, which I proceeded to watch 2 more times over the course of the weekend. EXCELLENT movie :)

I tried to spend Saturday doing next-to-nothing, and I was fairly successful. I had one more kinda lame assignment to complete and submit online, so I finished that about 24 hours ahead of schedule since I knew my Sunday wouldn't be quite so carefree.

On Saturday night, I babysat for my little 2-year-old next door neighbor and it was quite possibly the best babysitting experience of my life. Here's why: they asked me to bring Gabby! I couldn't believe it!! Gabby loves little kids and I fully trust her with them, and the parents must trust me a good bit for allowing me to do that. Gabby and Augustine spent the first half hour of the evening chasing eachother around the house. Then Augustine ate dinner and he quickly learned the trick to making Gabby totally happy: he kept "accidentally" dropping food on the floor :) After dinner we went to a little remote park. No one was there so I let Gabby run loose with Augustine. I haven't seen Gabby act this young in years: there is a little rock-climbing wall, much like this one:
Not only did she climb up it, she climbed DOWN it as well! She did this at least 30 times, as Augustine wanted to climb up it and then go down the slide over and over. Gabby would leap up it in two leaps, and then leap down it to meet Augustine at the bottom of the slide. It was so awesome to see her acting so young and spry :)

I went to church on Sunday morning and that was great as always. I babysat in Apollo Beach last night until 11 and had a wonderful time with my sweet twins, Christian and Sydney. Apollo Beach is near my parents house so I had a 30 minute drive home afterwards. Even though I was dead tired, my evening only got better. As I went in to check on the kittens before going to bed, I saw two little black dots staring at my from Pearl's pearly fur! HER EYES ARE OPENING!! Actually, Delilah was first. As of this morning, she has one bulging eye and another almost-completely open eye. Pearl has the cutest little dots, but there nowhere near fully opened. Toulouse has similar dots but much much smaller, and Angus has one corner of one eye slightly parted. But hey, all of them are on there way to being able to see me! Oh, and everything else in the world :)

Lastly, Toulouse, my little runty undercat, has a purr as big as his mommy's. He's the only one that purrs and it is the sweetest sound I've ever heard. Oh my gosh, can you even imagine me as a new mother? I'll be so annoying :p

Thanks for reading! I'll post pictures when all eyes are open!

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