Friday, November 7, 2008

"Ava update" and "Why I teach"

1) I took Ava to the vet yesterday afternoon because her eye was bleeding! I took Fish with us because he needed his yearly stuff anyway. My vet is my favorite in the world (after Abby Huggins, who is the vet dreams are made of, but abandoned us in Baltimore to move to Atlanta and I almost followed her there). ANYWAY, he said it looks like the eye is healing and the blood is just a new blood vessel trying to form. So she isn't blind, she is going to be fine, and the only BAD news is that a) I have to put antibiotic ointment ON HER EYE three times a day (I have major issues with touching eyes, etc.), and b) Fish gained a pound while on his diet/exercise regime. The vet said I should throw in the towel and just let him live a fat but happy life.

2) I walked into the classroom this morning to a wall of hugs and "Hi Miss Pancake"'s. The a little girl, Emily, said to me, "I'm going to call you Miss Sunshine because you're always happy." I thought, wow, if I come across as always happy, especially in the last 3 weeks, this must be absolutely the right place for me. Being with them is certainly the highlight of my week, and I'm glad it shows and that I have sweet little people to remind me of it.

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Lisa said...

Glad to hear that the baby is getting better. I thought Fish was already living a fat, happy life ;o) and you are of course a natural teacher, I find it to be your calling. Some people are just natural nurturers and teachers, which I think go hand in hand, and you my dear are both. I'm so happy that there is some part of your week that you look forward to that gives you an opportunity to forget "life" and just be in the moment with the kids. No doubt you're Miss Sunshine because you're a bright spot in my life, how could you not be the same to those girls?!!! Yea Miss Sunshine

P.S. Sorry if there are any typos, I'm using a PC and I've found I depend entirely on Rufus to correct my spelling errors for me.