Thursday, November 13, 2008


This post features Kuzco, formerly Angus (also lovingly nicknamed Hamburger by my old roomie), one of my prized kittens. He is now my roommate's cat, but I would secretly love for her to abandon him when she moves out someday because he is the BEST. CAT. EVER. Ok, Fish is by default, but you only have to meet this kitten to understand how fabulous he is.

One thing he does that is so adorable but also drives me crazy is stealing my hair ties. I had bought a ton of hair ties that break too easily, so I saved them all for him. I would put one on my counter while I took a shower. He would come get it and continue to bat it around until it disappeared underneath the piano. Well they are now all gone and I think it will be hilarious when I move the piano someday and find at least 50 hair ties under there.

So now that he doesn't have any freebies, he always tries to steal the two I actually use! I am a freak about my hair ties: I always have two on my wrist and they are precious possessions of mine until they ultimately break and I pick new favorites. So I began hiding my hair ties in a little open box I have sitting on my counter. I keep my toothbrush and all other tooth accessories in this box so I would put the hair ties underneath all this stuff. Well it certainly didn't take the kitten long to find them under there. They were no longer safe here.

I have switched to keeping them in a little round box with a lid. This also sits on my counter and I keep my Q-Tips in it. Lo and behold, the cat is a genius. Observe:

The best part about the last photo is that he accidentally picked up a Q-Tip with the hair tie and it is dangling from his mouth too, but you can’t see it. That white box in the background is my aforementioned tooth-paraphernalia box.

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Sees said...

Aw, he is Stealth Kitty Jr.!