Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten


i had the best day in my first day with my kindergarten class. they are the sweetest, smartest, most precious things i've ever seen in my life. and the best thing is they love me right back!

i could say so much but let me just wrap it up by saying it took away all my fears of teaching and just made me that much more excited and ready to do this. it was very hard to leave there at 11 knowing i would have to leave them to come and sit behind a desk for 8 hours (yes folks i am so dedicated to the cause here at the SC that i am working until 7 tonight. ugh).

see highlights below:
  • the first student introduced to me, preston, hugged me immediately and then proceeded to tell the teacher that i came to his house when he was one. then during sharing time later in the morning, he said he was wrong, i came to his house when he was two. after doing the math and making sure i couldn't have babysat for him 3 years ago, i told the class i was in maryland when they were two. then preston said "i was in maryland then too!" luckily the teacher saved me from losing my mind trying to remember this adorable child by saying she had known his mom before he was born and he had always lived here. how cute, though? :)
  • another little boy, cody, is a total ham and he was just funny and sweet and well-behaved. so i sat next to him for the last reading activity for the day, when he leaned over and said to me "miss cook, you really are a cutie" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost cried i was trying so hard not to laugh as i said "thank you cody".
  • the girls all wanted to sit next to me and read books to me and play teacher with me during free time. they are all so awesome! two of them are esol students: one is from laos and speaks limited english, the other is from puerto rico and speaks no english! but they are both so eager to learn and be a part of the classroom. it is so inspiring!
  • one little boy william was having a hard time behaving. he was bordering out of control with his bad behavior. the asst. principal happened to stop by and she took him on a walk. she determined he hadn't eaten breakfast so she brought it to him. i sat with him while he ate and he was just so sweet. so i made it my mission to be his friend for the day (and i will as much as i can!) and i helped him with his spelling worksheet and sat with him on the reading rug. he had been kicking everyone earlier but now he stayed cuddled next to my arm and apparently only felt comfortable pulling my hair into a ponytail and holding it with his hand :)

i love the spirit of diversity that is thriving in that classroom. all of these children want to do well and despite their setbacks, they are just so happy to be there and they press on. i'm so glad i'm working towards a career that will be so rewarding and will allow me to learn something new everyday!

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