Friday, February 1, 2008

work-free weekend!

i'll stress about the lack of funds later -- this is the first weekend in months when i haven't had to babysit and/or work overtime! i'm looking forward to only fulfilling fun commitments.

tonight will be spent with the pups, a good movie, my big comfy couch, and a little wine. glorious.

tomorrow morning, my parents and my dearest new school friend will be going to seminole heights to look at, yet another, ridiculously cheap house. based on the location, lot size, and square footage of the house (not to mention it has been on and off the market for over a year), this foreclosure is likely to be what my agent calls "junk". but let's say it's not! if that happens to be true, it is the most adorable house i've ever seen. and seriously: riDICulously cheap. i'm not getting my hopes up.

the lovely day will be continued at Got Tea where jessica and i will hopefully get some schoolwork done and i will introduce her to the glory of bubble tea! can't wait.

saturday night is up for grabs but i'm thinking more relaxation only interrupted by a trip to marshall's or the yankee candle store (only to sniff not buy).

sunday i will go to church at 11, which i am very excited about because i've got the script for my kids all typed up and printed on bright orange paper. fun stuff!

sunday night is superbowl, but i'm hoping that doesn't mean cancellation of the session at four green fields! i am ready to play some music.

now all i have to do is grin and bear it until 5pm. no prob.

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