Monday, February 11, 2008

For the sake of an update

i wish i had more to say! i wish i could say that the bank came back and begged us to buy the house for a little less than we had offered (there's gotta be a weird bank reason this could happen!) and that i was moving in next week. i wish i could say that i finally got a much-needed raise and therefore was only doing pro bono babysitting henceforth. i wish it were true that the school i'm student-teaching at offered me a job at first glance, based solely on my cute face that only kindergarteners could love, so i didn't have to keep going to night classes. mostly i wish i could say that my visit to the orthopaedist's office this morning has resulted in answers and cures.

instead, i'm still not a homeowner. i'm still broke and babysitting. and i'm still spending all my otherwise-free nights in class.

oh, and the knee. i DID spend the morning at the doctor. and she still can't find anything wrong. she has the two worst combos for a doctor: she seems kind of like she doesn't know what she is doing AND she has a bad bedside manner. just my luck! anyway she finally ordered an MRI, only at the insistence of my fabulous mother. the doc sort of presented it as "there's nothing left to do......... i mean, unless you want an MRI". and it's like.... ummm... i'm still in pain after almost three months.... so how about we exhaust all efforts......idiot. so if they find nothing in the MRI, at least i will know that all options have been officially exhausted. my next options are a second opinion or physical therapy.

the doctor did say that since it's almost felt better a couple of times only to start hurting again, this might mean that since i'm favoring the knee, it's just weak from non-use and when it starts to feel better, it's not used to the weight i start to reapply to it. so my plan is, since there's obviously no severe injury to worsen, i'll just start trying to walk as normally on it as possible and hope that building strength makes it go away. i'm also going to attempt to wear only sneakers until it gets better. i never wear sneakers besides on the walks with the dogs, which i haven't done in over a month. so hopefully these changes will make a difference fo me.

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