Wednesday, February 6, 2008

one step closer

sooo the sellers accepted my offer on the house! this isn't as great as it sounds -- all it means is that we're now officially in contract (which is good) and that it's now the bank's the next move to either accept the offer or make a counter-offer. the world is my oyster at this very moment!

my mom and i were talking today about the laws of attraction and how they apply at this very moment. basically i need to be completely visualizing myself in this house because i really feel like it's where i am meant to be. i have to erase (or at least bury) all doubt. i could really use anyone else's help with this so i am going to go ahead and post the link to the house listing. please picture me in this house, with my own furniture and, most importantly, a brand new paint job on EVERY interior wall!

in other news, my boss informed me that i need to buy some "sweater sets" for kindergarten. i hate it when she is so unfashionably right. so in order to offset the pain of having to spend money on sweater sets, i am going to treat myself to some new throw pillows for my bedroom.

thanks to some delightful serendipity, i have managed to find so many awesome antique pieces in my favorite colors: sage green and dusty blue. unfortunately, as a result, my room is very boring. i'm taking some advice from HGTV, which i watch at every cable-watching moment (thank god for late night babysitting duty). i want some pillows that mix the duller colors with some really bright ones. i also have this amazing amelie poster from japan. amelie is sitting in her bed: her walls are red, her bedspread is orange, and she has two small sage green pillows. i bought a plain wood frame from ikea and painted it sage green. you wouldn't believe how much it ties the huge red/orange poster in with the room, because the frame really brings out those two little pillows. so these new pillows on MY bed are going to have reds and oranges in them to complete the look.


The Smith Family said...

WOW, Jamie, that house is ADORABLE. I love it! Ya, your right though, the green EVERYWHERE is a LITTLE much. I really hope you get it. While I was looking through the rooms in the house I was visualizing you in the kitchen, master bedroom and back yard. You definitely fit in with the house. I am hoping and praying you get it. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

jene, im so happy for you about the house! I hope all goes smoothly from this point! Right now as we speak I am visualizing you in the house, with the textured bedroom walls, looking fab with your amelie poster, blue bedspread from ikea, and throw pillows with the red and orange accents! I see you at your kitchen table drinking instant french vanilla lattes, while grading papers under your green walls. And I see two white boxers with their lips stuck in their teeth,sitting in their new bedroom, wishing their aunt kene was there and trying to figure out who the fuck Jonas is? Never take that off the wall. bi nee. GOOD LUCK JENE! I SEE IT ALL NOW AND BELIEVE IN THE LAWS OF ATTRACTION! Hope my vision helps!