Saturday, February 2, 2008

home sweet home?

what a successful day! i had so much fun running around looking at houses with dad and jessica, and spending quality girlfriend time -- how i've missed that! -- at got tea.

and what's the best part at the end of the day? i think we found THE house! please keep your fingers crossed over the next week/month/who knows as we go through the process of contracting.

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The Smith Family said...

HEY! I've been meaning to write you a comment for a while, I just always forget. But here I am. I love that you started a blog!! Okay, I did those lippy things on my blog. There at the bottom of my blog. They ARE really cute. Thanks for the suggestion! ALSO, I REALLY hope you get that house you want. I know how it is to want a certain house and get attached and be HOPING the whole time that everything works out well. I'm sure it will.
Jamie, I am DYING for a babysitter! I ONLY WISH that we had a great babysitter to use a couple of times a week. There are only like 3 girls who babysit that I know of, and they are IMPOSSIBLE to get. I've even UPPED my prices! TWICE! I've had to. Supply and demand...right? lol. The girls say that they would rather babysit for my kids because their good and supposedly... easy, but they are already SO booked out! Grrr. I have one girl scheduled to come sit in a MONTH!! I don't even know if I'll need her then, but I snagged her up ANYWAY. It's pretty sad. I wish you lived here LOL.