Monday, March 3, 2008

Change of heart

Ok so now, instead of feeling depressed, I feel serious pressure to update for both of you reading!! :)

Just kidding, but thank you guys for reading and remembering me! I am also a slightly obsessive blog checker, so to feel like mine is being skipped over even by the obsessed ones -- how boring I felt!

So I have been asked to give an update on the house, but I'm going to have to disappoint! I did put an offer in, the sellers accepted, which means only that we are in contract. We have been waiting almost 4 weeks now for the sellers' bank to either accept the offer or make a counteroffer. Usually when you put an offer in on a house, the seller has 24 hours to respond. Well, in this case, the seller had 24 hours to respond, and their bank has 45 businees days! That's 2 months!!!

So even though I try to put the house in the back of my mind, I really do picture myself in it EVERY day. I am so ready for this change: new house (my very OWN), new neighborhood (ok I lived here a year ago but only for a few short months and I loved it!), no awful landlords to deal with, no security deposit, no more throwing my money in the trash every month, living 5 blocks from the school I want to teach at!!! A precious little yard for the girls... it's almost too good to be true. You are guaranteed an update the second I hear something.

I am so excited this week for two reasons! First, it is my Spring Break at my college, which means I have all my weeknights free to spend with the girls and to work on all these long-term projects that I haven't had time for. Secondly, I get to spend the ENTIRE day tomorrow in my classroom! So far I have really only been there in the mornings, then I come to work at 11. Well I am coming into work tomorrow at 3 so I will be with the class from 8:30 until the end of their day at 2:30. So exciting!

Now for the terrifying part of my week: Friday at 9am, I have my first lesson being observed by my supervisor. This date really snuck up on me. I haven't written that lesson yet -- I don't even know what it is going to be on! But hopefully my teacher and I will spend a lot of time going over this tomorrow. Please pray realllllly hard for me at 9am on Friday!

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The Smith Family said...

wait.. when did you post this?? did you have the observation thingy yet?? if you did, how did it go? Was it this last friday or this next friday..?? lol. That would be SOOOO nerve wracking. I'm sure it went great, or... will go great. LOL, whichever one it is.
Ugh, and i'm bugged about the house thing. Why do they take SO long?? Just tell me if I get the dang house already! lol.
Oh, so Cason and I were talking about you the other night because he saw that comment where you said.."I want to be your babysitter" and Cason was all.."Where does this girl live? Lets hire her, she sounds normal and nice" LOL LOL... ya, THATS how desperate we are for good babysitter every once in a while.
Well, it sounds like your staying REALLY busy. I hope that school is going well... CONTINUE to keep us posted k?