Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patty's Day?

It's not going too happily so far! I am supposed to spend the entire day in the classroom, beginning at 8:30 this morning. Well, I got all ready right on time, and headed out the door, when I realized my keys were missing.

It turns out that they are in my mom's car, left there after our day of house hunting (which was depressing by the way -- everything I can afford in the neighborhood I want to living in is a foreclosure that the previous owners decided to trash. One is promising and I'll tell you about it later). Unluckily for me, my mom was gracious enough yesterday to unlock my front door with her key to my house. Otherwise, I would have obviously noticed it right then and there.

So my mom, bless her heart, is making the 35 minute drive to my house as we speak. I really hope the rest of the day goes a bit more smoothly.

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The Smith Family said...

I have TOTALLY had something similar to that happen to me before. Thats the worst feeling when you can't find your keys. It's crazy how much we depend on those stupid things. Okay... so now you know... get copies made and keep them in another place. LOL. jk
Hope your day goes a little smoother!
Shelley Smith