Monday, March 24, 2008

Update on the cool basketball thingie...

I didn't even get to watch the ONE game. My dad informed me that in that game, which I had no idea was going on, Georgetown DESTROYED the Retrievers!! The BULLDOGS destroyed us! I knew we should have changed to a tougher mascot!

My dad tried to console me by telling me that they always pit the rookie teams in the tournament against the top teams. For another example, he says, Carolina ANNIHALATED St. Mary's, another Maryland college. I think he only used this example to rub it in that his team is still in the running. And probably going to win.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. But in the end, we ARE still the Harvard of Nigeria!


The Smith Family said...

Oh please... are you REALLY into sports that much anyway? lol jk
Hey, how is school and work going? Anymore funny kid stories? Tackle anyone else's child lately? HAHA
Hope all is well!
Oh, and Happy belated Easter!

The Smith Family said...

Okay, I was a liiiiittle bit concerned that you had COMPLETELY dropped off the face of the earth, but since you made some funny comments on my blog... I now KNOW your still alive. WHAT THE HECK??? Where have you BEEN? How is school,and work and stuff? You can't just disappear like that! lol