Friday, March 14, 2008

A week in retrospect

It's been crazy. Coming back from Spring Break into overdrive, with the news of not getting the house weighing me down, I am suprisingly content and even optimistic today.

I battled with extreme exahaustion earlier in the week, with the potential for a strike draining me even more every day at work. Wednesday night came and went with the strike still on for the next day. It was at that point that I finally accepted that it was going to happen. I made plans to be with my class the next day and went to bed for a long, much-needed, winter's nap. Alas, all was in vain because I was rudely awoken at almost midnight by a call from some people in California (obviously with complete disregard for the time difference) who wanted to -- cheerfully -- let me know that the strike has been cancelled! Woohoo? Not so much. I didn't want to go on strike in the first place, didn't want to be a part of the union in the first place, but since I was forced into the latter, I accepted the former, only to be disturbed from the sleep I so desperately craved by someone telling me "never mind, but thanks for your solidarity!" Needless to say, I was one unhappy camper.

But all is well, everyone seems happy, and I didn't have to miss a day of pay on Thursday. Also, I rest in the fact that by the time this contract expires in 2010, I will be battling with a whole new union: that of the teachers of the world!

I am still enthralled with all that I'm learning in school and in the classroom, and I couldn't be more grateful that my grades are actually reflecting this! We all know that this is not always the case. The stars have to be in perfect alignment, and the formula must involve enthrallment, dedication, great professors, supportive peers, and patient co-op teachers. well, I've been blessed with it all!

This weekend contains the following awesomeness:
Tonight: babysitting for sleeping children (aka watching HGTV)
Tomorrow: dog beach (it's supposed to be the most perfect beach weather conditions!)
Tomorrow night: an evening out with friends to Mad Dogs and Englishman to bring the house down rebel style in true St. Patty's Day fashion. Maybe a little tinwhistle playing if people play their cards right.
Sunday morning: teaching the teens at church alone for the first time ever (gulp)
Sunday afternoon: looking at houses with the trusty real estate man and my parents
Sunday evening: my only time I'm choosing to devote to schoolwork since nothing is imminently due
Monday: SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!! I'll be in the classroom all day, wearing my Irish clothing (aka clothes I bought during my summer in Ireland: they are neither traditional nor green but I will personally get the point!) and playing my tinwhistle for the kids (they ALWAYS play their cards right!)

I'm happy to say I have nothing to dread at this point in my life -- ok except a little dread associated with the rain outside. It can't all be bliss I guess.


??? said...

Yeah! Now I can read and leave commonts on your blog page. I hope I get delt a good hand, cause I want to hear you play the tinwhistle!!! :) See you tomorrow night.

The Smith Family said...

Woah, sounds like you have had a busy week. So are you house hunting again tomorrow? Sometimes that can be fun... but also frustrating. So good luck!
What the HECK is a tin whistle? LOL And I want to hear and SEE you play it. Don't you have a video feature on your camera? Com'on grace us with you tin whistlin' playn' skillz. HAHA. Love ya... have a great day tomorrow. (I'm crossing my fingers for a cute new house)
Shelley Smith